HB Stage Productions:
Two Decades in the Stage Production Industry

In 2003, HB Stage Productions began its journey in the stage production industry from our base in El Paso, Texas. Over the past 20 years, we have diligently built our reputation and established ourselves as a trusted and reputable company. Our exceptional quality and professionalism have led to high demand for our services, enabling us to grow and evolve continuously. Today, as a leading force in the industry, we take pride in delivering outstanding stage production experiences for a diverse range of events, firmly rooted in our El Paso, Texas headquarters.


Starting with humble beginnings, our journey has always been driven by our love for creating memorable stage experiences and fueled by the dreams of our incredible team. We worked hard to meticulously lay every brick in our foundation, brick by brick, building not just a company but a family committed to transforming imaginations into reality. This continued dedication to perfection has seen us face and overcome numerous challenges, leading us to grow stronger, learn immensely and advance substantially. Through hard work and an unwavering dedication to our craft, HB Stage Productions has successfully built its way up in the industry, maintaining our strong roots in El Paso, Texas, while continually reaching for the stars.


For over 20 years, HB Stage Productions has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark across El Paso, Las Cruces, Central Texas, Albuquerque, Ruidoso, and beyond. Our journey began in 2003 in the vibrant landscape of El Paso, Texas, and since then, we have evolved, fine-tuned our craft, and earned the trust of a diverse clientele. With each passing year, our commitment to elevating events has only strengthened. As we celebrate two decades of staging excellence, our passion for creating unforgettable moments burns brighter than ever.

“From the heart of El Paso TX, across Central Texas, through the enchantment of New Mexico, and beyond, we illuminate the Southwest with unparalleled event excellence.”

“From the heart of El Paso TX, across Central Texas, through the enchantment of New Mexico, and beyond, we illuminate the Southwest with unparalleled event excellence.”


We pride ourselves in having a well-managed team that operates with precision to execute all events flawlessly. We employ the well-rounded professionals in the field to guarantee the success of our productions. From experienced lighting designers and top-notch audio engineers, to skillful videographers and hard-working stage hands, each member of our team brings something unique to the table.

Our team is our strength and their expertise is what makes our events stand out.
Through their concerted efforts, they bring every production to life, making it a memorable experience for our clients and their audience. They understand that every detail matters and hence, work meticulously to deliver flawless events. Their passion and commitment to their craft is what helps our business run smoothly and professionally.

Job Opportunities

We invite skilled lighting designers, audio engineers, and videographers who thrive in creative, dynamic environments to explore employment opportunities with our team. As a company that values innovation, collaboration and a passion for the arts, we offer challenging roles and a stimulating work environment for talented individuals like you.

positions available

Lighting Designers (LD)
Audio Engineers
Videographer/ Video Production
Stage Hands (Heavy Lifters)