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20 years in business

For over 20 years, HB Stage Productions has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark across El Paso, Las Cruces, Central Texas, Albuquerque, Ruidoso, and beyond. Our journey began in 2003 in the vibrant landscape of El Paso, Texas, and since then, we have evolved, fine-tuned our craft, and earned the trust of a diverse clientele. With each passing year, our commitment to elevating events has only strengthened. As we celebrate two decades of staging excellence, our passion for creating unforgettable moments burns brighter than ever. Join us on the “Who We Are” page to discover the heartbeat of HB Stage Productions, where innovation meets legacy.

What We Do

From enchanting audio to dynamic lighting, HB Stage Productions crafts unforgettable experiences.

Elevate your events with top-tier video production, versatile video walls, premium backline, and sleek mobile staging.


Experience sonic excellence with our robust PA systems. From intimate gatherings to grand productions, HB Stage Productions ensures unparalleled audio quality for a professional edge.

Professional Lighting

Illuminate your events with sophistication using our professional lighting solutions. Our sleek designs add a refined, dynamic touch, ensuring your professional occasions are remembered for their class and style.

Video Production

Entrust HB Stage Productions with your narrative through top-tier video production. Our expert team crafts visually compelling stories, ensuring your professional events leave a lasting impression.

Video Walls

Command attention with our cutting-edge video walls. From dynamic displays to immersive presentations, HB Stage Productions delivers a professional visual experience, elevating the impact of your events.


Enhance your musical performance with our premium backline equipment. From instruments to amplifiers, we provide professional-grade tools to elevate your stage presence.

Mobile Staging

HB Stage Productions brings professionalism to any location with our mobile staging solutions. Versatile, efficient, and designed for impact, our stages transform any venue into a professionally curated space.

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Brands we work with

Brands we work withBrands we work with


At HB Stage Productions, we produce curated commercial environments that embody excellence. Partnering with renowned brands such as Bose, Chauvet, Pioneer, and Shure, we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge audio, dynamic lighting, and state-of-the-art video solutions. Proudly serving the El Paso area, Central Texas, New Mexico, and across the Southwest, our installations redefine businesses, creating spaces that sound sharp and look extraordinary. Explore the transformative impact of our installations, where innovation meets premium quality.